The Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle

The Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle


Living in Seattle Washington in the USA gives us a lot of gluten free options. I count myself lucky that there are even cafes and restaurants that I can go out to and not have to worry. One of those places is the Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle and Redmond. They have all vegan and all gluten free everything. They even have fresh baked loaves of bread and some lunch and dinner options like pizza and pasta.

I love going to the Fremont location because Fremont is in the heart of everything so it is a great spot to stop on the way to or from the zoo for a cup of really strong coffee and some awesome desserts or lunch. My daughter who is not gluten free even loves their blueberry muffins and my husband who is also not gluten free loves their coconut chocolate macaroons. I love the carrot cake muffins, and the cinnamon rolls and well pretty much everything!

I do get the occasional packaged pastry from the Flying Apron at the local grocery stores that sell them, but they taste so much better when you get them directly from the source.

It isn’t cheap, but it isn’t much more than a regular cafe. I think the fact that they only make vegan and gluten free items in their kitchen really seals it for me. I don’t have to worry that I will accidentally order something with eggs or a ton of butter. For people who are very sensitive to potential cross contamination this is, I am sure, a great relief as well.

So check them out if you live in the greater Seattle area or are visiting. It is a great place that also displays local art work for sale. They even have their own cook book so you can make their delicious treats yourself.

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