Gluten Free in the Time of Covid/Corona

So here we are in a pandemic!

There have been toilet paper shortages, chicken shortages, rice shortages, spam shortages, and all kinds of crazy coronavirus side effects that I for one would not have predicted.

However, I have made it now, over five months in, and managed to remain gluten free.

I used to worry that if there was some kind of natural disaster and we had to evacuate or something that I would surely starve, because we would end up in some shelter with no food I could eat.

However, I have come to realize that there is a lot of food I can eat that is emergency friendly and keeps well.

Indeed, most food that is good for emergencies is safe for those who are gluten free to eat. Although checking the labels and buying the one marked gluten free is always necessary.

Take the forever famous Spam, it is gluten free! Canned meat at it’s best of course is tuna fish, also largely gluten free.

Then there are the dry stuffs, like dried fruits, nuts, and rice, all gluten free as long as they are not processed on shared lines.

There are lots of gluten free jerky meats out there as well as all just plain old fruits and veggies being gluten free as well.

So in this instance of a global pandemic, it turns out that it isn’t all that bad to be gluten free and indeed, I will not starve to death.

I am lucky that I live in a place where the food supply chain hasn’t completely stopped, but only slightly slowed at times.

Thank goodness!

I hope that this post finds you and your loved ones healthy and with plenty to eat.

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