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5 Favorite Gluten Free Items of the Week

5 Favorite Gluten Free Items of the Week

#1. Favorite Gluten Free Vegan Treat: Theo’s Dark Chocolate This chocolate is amazing! My current favorite is their 70% Dark Chocolate Bar. It is very satisfying for that pure chocolate craving. It has a lot less sugar than milk chocolate. Also, I can’t eat milk […]

5 Favorite Gluten Free Items of the Week

5 Favorite Gluten Free Items of the Week

#1. Favorite Gluten Free Vegan Treat: Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend I was so sad when I realized that Nutella was making me feel sick. Then I realized, it has milk in it. Well this is just like Nutella, but without the dairy and potential […]

5 Favorite Weekly Gluten Free Things

5 Favorite Weekly Gluten Free Things

Welcome to the first of many Weekly Favorites Wrap Up! I hope to make this a regular weekly post just for fun and information about the latest, greatest, and ‘favoritist’ things gluten and dairy free around. Hopefully you find it informative and fun. Let me know what your favorite things are in the comments!


Treat of the Week

gluten free cookies
Lucy’s re-sealable bag of gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Lucy’s chocolate chip cookies are my favorite store bought cookies out there. They are gluten free and vegan so they tick off all of the boxes for my food sensitivities. No gluten, no eggs, no dairy, no nuts even! They are amazing! What are they made of you ask, well fairy dust and love of course!

Kidding, kidding, they do have soy oats and fava, so they aren’t for everyone. However when looking for an easy cookie fix in the grocery store these rise to the top of my list.

They are small so you can eat ten and not feel bad! Well that isn’t exactly true, but I like to pretend it is. No cookies are really “good for you” after all. However you can eat 5 of these tasty little cookies for 130 calories and 12 grams of sugar. I am pretty sure that is way less than most cookies.
They are crispy and crunchy and come in a resealable bag. When they go stale they actually become soft which is strange and kind of backwards. Most things get hard when they go stale.

My second favorite cookies are Lucy’s snickerdoodles. Those things are even more addictive and make me want to drink a gallon of chocolate milk too. I think I may be having some chocolate cravings today!

While nothing beats fresh homemade cookies at least you can rest easy knowing that you cookies are safe to eat for your food sensitivities as well as non-gmo certified and made in the USA and yes, even kosher.

So rejoice in the semi healthiness of convience foods. They do occasionally exist. Even for those of us who feel like they can’t ever eat anything that is premade with any degree of certainty. Don’t worry all, Lucy’s has got our back!

Recipe of the Week from Another Blog

I made this one with my kiddo and she loved it! My husband loved it too. It can be hard to find things we all love so this was a real success. Breakfast is always hard as my husband rushes out the door and my kid only wants to eat sugar for breakfast.

These are light on the sugars and have oatmeal for some protein.

I felt like I need to eat two to really feel full for long, but it wasn’t hard to do since they were tasty. We heated them up for 20 seconds in the microwave on the second day and put a little earth’s balance on them, still tasty!

I will definitely be making these again in the near future.

Funniest Thing Saw This Week

I mean who doesn’t love a good Ryan Gosling meme? It is between him and cats I swear.

Favorite Product of the Week

gluten free pasta jovial
Jovial brown rice gluten free farfalle pasta.

Jovial Gluten Free Bow Tie Pasta Noodles are amazing! They actually stay al dente and reheat well. They are even good in pasta salad as long as you use a lot of sauce. And get this, my four year old loved them! So really, I don’t see how it can get much better! Only problem, they don’t sell them at the local grocery store and I have to order them on Amazon.

Favorite Thing Right Now

clear plastic case
Speck clear iPhone case

This is not an advertisement at all. I love my Speck iPhone case because my kid keeps ripping that little plastic part in the front above the charging port. Well, it is guaranteed for a year! So I got a free replacement! Which is awesome since it seems at this rate I need a new one every four months. So three for the price of one really! Plus, it is a great case and really does protect my phone well without being huge and ugly.

weekly post
Guest Post by Amy

Guest Post by Amy

My Rocky Road to Gluten Free Life by Amy My gluten free adventures began long before it was trendy to eat protein style burgers, and quinoa pasta: back when GF cookies tasted like half-sweetened cardboard and no menus featured gluten free guidance. Ten years ago, […]

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