Happy Camper Bread

Happy Camper Bread

I recently found the best bread ever! It is gluten free and vegan which is awesome! It still does that annoying thing that gluten free bread that does not have eggs does where it is a little crumbly and tends to break off at the crust, but I think less so than the last bread I bought.

They have a dedicated gluten free bakery and are GMO free as well. To me this shows a lot of dedication to their product. There are quite a few brands out there that are not made in dedicated gluten free bakeries. So it is extra reassuring to see this.

I finally feel like I am eating an actual sandwich again, it has been years! I have tried the hemp style and the cinnamon raisin and both were great. The cinnamon raisin was really more like a dessert, no complaint here! I tried the classy slice and didn’t really like the flavor much. It tasted a little off, maybe like burnt, to me, but I think that it was suppose to have that rye taste to it. I never liked that taste much, so that is probably just a personal preference. My store doesn’t sell the Kiss Me Garlic or the Buckwheat Molasses flavor so I will have to look around or order off their site to give it a taste.

I got mine at the local PPC grocery store in Seattle Washington USA. I see they have a website that seems to be the same price as the store, but I haven’t bought any online yet. It is $6.99 at the PCC in Seattle and pretty close to that on their website. You can order in bulk and they have buns too, I will have to make a go at those as well!