Shopping List for Six Dinners Gluten Dairy and Egg Free Meals

Shopping List for Six Dinners Gluten Dairy and Egg Free Meals
Here is the shopping list:

4 lbs chicken $2.32 per lb  x  4 = $9.82

1 pork shoulder 3 lbs $9.69 

1 lb beef $3

1 bag of small potatoes 3.75

Onions  (I bought the bag of small onions plus one organic onion) $3.87

1 garlic bulb or chopped garlic $1

1 can chipotle $2

2 can roasted tomatoes $ 1 x 2 = 2

6 cups 64 oz white rice $2.48

2 lb of carrots $1.89

1 bag of tortillas 30 count $2

1 bunch of cilantro $1.35

2 zucchinis $2.01

Cheese $3.19 Mexican blend shredded

Diaya cheese $5

1 bag frozen veggies $1.49

1 bag frozen American veggies $2.25 already had one

Large tamari $8.22 (This is 6.58 at the PCC)

1 orange to juice $0.75

2 Tablespoons of sugar $1.99 for a whole bag

3 tsp of ground cumin

Knorr Chicken Bouillon Cubes 8 Count

Optional avocado 6 mention cool avocado options

Vinegar $5 (I recommend certified gluten free apple cider vinegar. However, I have read a lot of articles that say that the process of creating vinegar takes all of the gluten out of it and it is safe. I personally only use wine and apple vinegars. The choice is yours to make.)

1 bag of peapods 3.49 (This can be any veggie that you like that freezes well or lasts a long time in the fridge, broccoli also works well.)

2 bay leaves $3.44

Knorr Granulated Bouillon, Chicken 7.9 oz $1.99

You will also need some freezer bags or trays. I use the Ziploc freezer bags, but you can use whatever works best for you. If you choose to freeze some of the recipes that are recommended to bake you may want to have some reusable aluminum trays with lids that you can use to freeze it.

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