Gluten Free Brewery and Restaurant: Ghostfish Brewery in Seattle Washington

It is really amazing to be able to order something and know for sure that it is gluten free and there is no cross contamination going on in the kitchen. This is the wonder of this restaurant. Ghostfish Brewery is 100% gluten free. They only serve gluten free items so there is no gluten in the kitchen. It is a great place for people who have celiac. Their beer is also gluten free as is the wine and cider. Gluten free beer is hard to find and they are dedicated to the brewing of it.

Ghostfish definitely has that brewery feeling. It is open and somewhat industrial with big glass windows/doors that open onto a small patio next to the sidewalk when it is nice out. There is a big bar with lots of original taps.

They make their own beers which is what really makes them special. There aren’t many places that have gluten free beers these days, let alone only gluten free beers. Again, that total assurance that everything is gluten free in the beer selection is also really nice.

They also sell their beers on their website and in many local Seattle websites and shops. They are definitely at the top of the gluten free microbrewery options out there.

Ghostfish Brewery is amazing and innovative on so many levels. I wish I could say that I loved it, but unfortunately I can only say that it was pretty good.

My husband and I recently went their for a date night. I was really excited to check it out. Our server was nice and knowledgeable about the food. She knew what had eggs in it and dairy which was refreshing since I feel like a lot of people do not know these things when I go out to eat. My husand ordered the brisket sandwich which was really good and had a lot of flavor. I ordered a burger which may have been a mistake. There were not a lot of items without egg. All of their buns have egg. Their flat breads do not, and I did not realize this until later. I asked if they could do the lettuce wrap in place of a bun and the waitress assured me that they could. However it when my burger came out it had two pieces of lettuce on it. Not exactly a “wrap.” It was good though and the fries were excellent.

If I had been able to have dairy and gluten there would have been a lot more options. I plan on trying the flatbread next time since they do have a dairy free cheese and it doesn’t have eggs. The flatbread is their vegan option. I love pepperoni though so mine won’t be vegan.

I also plan on getting their taster of beers next time. I didn’t have any alcohol because I had to drive. I am have never been a big beer drinker since it has always made me feel ill, so it will be fun to try a beer that hopefully won’t make me feel sick!

Anyway, hope this helps! Please leave a comment and let me know how your visit went and which beer to get next time!

I will update this post when we go back again!





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