P.F. Chang’s Gluten Free Menu

P.F. Chang’s Gluten Free Menu

P.F. Chang’s Chinese Restaurant Has Gluten Free Options

When I was pregnant I needed, and yes it felt like a need, to eat Chinese food and beef. Sometimes cooking my own imitation gluten free version of Chinese food was good enough. Sometimes I had to turn to my wonderful husband and beg him to go downtown and pick up P.F. Chang’s gluten free Mongolian Beef. He was awesome and thankfully it didn’t happen that many times. I really don’t know how being pregnant can cause so many strange things to happen, like cravings, but it is a weird experience.

The upside was when I ate whatever it was I was craving it tasted amazing, like 10 times better than it normally did. I was a little upset when that went away. Then again it helped me lose weight quickly since everything stopped making me feel like I ate like chocolate dipped in chocolate with extra chocolate and a tongue massage.

They have a whole menu that is gluten free. It is not vegan though. However, like most Chinese food most of it does not contain dairy. The food is cooked along with gluten containing food, so it is probably not gluten free enough for a lot of people. Everyone knows their limits and some people can get away with a little contamination and others cannot.

So if you are gluten free, but not a vegan, and you miss that restaurant style Chinese food now you know where to go. They are a chain so there may be one near you. There is currently one in downtown Seattle in the Westlake Mall  and in downtown Bellevue in the Bellevue Square Mall as well.

You can see the menu here:


Since the baby only ever wanted Mongolian beef I can’t recommend anything else on the menu. Someday I will go back and try something else. However since it won’t taste as good as when I was pregnant I fear it may be a let down.

Thank you P.F. Chang’s for having gluten free options that are as delicious as your regular options!

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